We’re not substituting mackerel for eggs at SHSs – Buffers Stock

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The National Food Buffer Stock Company has refuted allegations that it substitutes mackerel for locally raised eggs in its supplies to senior high schools throughout the country.

According to Africa Education Watch, the National Food Buffer Stock Company has expanded its supply of Chinese imported mackerel to schools while ignoring eggs from local poultry farmers.

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However, Hanan Abdul- Wahab, CEO of the National Food Buffer Stock Company, said during a press conference on Monday, April 12, 2021, that those claims are baseless.

He argued that the supply of eggs was not within the scope of his organization’s mandate.

“What this means is that egg has not been substituted for mackerel. Such a claim is false. Besides, Buffer Stock doesn’t supply eggs, eggs are supposed to be procured by the heads of the schools from the 30 per cent of the feeding component sent back to them.”

“As a result, it takes some time to prepare PVs [pay vouchers] and other paperwork to credit the accounts of schools with the 30% [component]. However, these people [poultry farmers] operate on a cash and carry basis, so if they can make an agreement with the school heads and supply them so that when they [SHSs] collect their 30%, they can pay them [poultry farmers].

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The poultry farmer’s problems will be discussed at an inter-ministerial level – MoFA.

In a related growth, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has stated that the “worrying” concerns about a lack of demand for eggs from local poultry farms will be addressed at the inter-ministerial level.

Bagbara Tanko, the Ministry’s PRO, said on the Citi Breakfast Show on Monday: “It is a source of worry for every Ghanaian and the ministry, so moving forward, I think we need to have an inter-ministerial discussion on this matter.”

“I won’t be able to provide timelines, but there will be a resolution,” he said in his remarks on the topic.

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