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Blue balls refers to testicular pain that happens after prolonged sexual stimulation without ejaculation. What actually happens in the “balls” is vasocongestion or build-up of blood flow. Generally, when a guy is physically turned on, his erectile muscle is filled with blood, which makes the penis “HARD”: that is normal and very very important for every guy. Sometimes, guys are aroused sexually to an extent that their “erection series” continues longer than normal.

If such an erection does not proceed to ejaculation that means there is a buildup of pressure, and their supersensitive “balls” then suffer some pains.

blue balls

In an interview with iDO GH News Mr. Derrick Mensah, a health Expert, The sensation can range from a mild ache to severe pain but the bottom line is, it’s not dangerous and every guy can deal with it, whether that means waiting it out. The blood will eventually drain, and any discomfort will disappear on its own. Surprisingly, so many guys intentionally fake having blue balls so that they can gain sexual pity and favor from their ladies. A lot of ladies have fallen victims to this trick…even the “hard core” (unbending or unyielding) ones have also fallen.

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There is only one (legit) cure. Yep. You guessed it. The only legit cure for blue balls is to unclog the pipe. Ejaculation (by any method of his choice) almost always cures the pain. If a woman can go through severe menstrual cramps for DAYS and still live, why can’t a MAN survive a momentary sharp pain?

Advice to ladies: Blue Balls does not kill so ladies, next time your boy tells you he has a blue ball so you should help him out by having sex with him just tell him to go and donate that blue ball to GFA and if more blue balls persists he should donate them to FIFA

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