Stop using taxpayers’ money to chase young girls for sex

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Osei Kwame, an outspoken Evangelist of the Assemblies of God Church Ghana, Kumasi Nhyiaeso branch, has warned government appointees to stop chasing young girls with taxpayers’ money and address the concerns of #FixTheCountry conveners.

Some dissatisfied Ghanaians are venting their rage over what they see as successive governments’ failure to improve the lives of the people.

young girls

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A large number of pastors, as well as Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), have joined the #FixTheCountry campaign.

Evangelist Osei Kwame said in an interview with Pure FM’s Osei Kwadwo, which monitored, that Ghanaians are suffering because government appointees and politicians are more concerned with themselves than with the progress of the country.

“Government appointees should know that this is not the right time to chase young girls with taxpayers’ money because Ghanaians are angry and disappointed,” says Evangelist Osei Kwame.

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“I often wonder why some leaders, particularly government appointees, are heartless. Ghanaians are suffering, and the country’s high unemployment rate is killing it, but those who are supposed to fix it are chasing young girls with taxpayer money, with no regard for the country’s progress,” Evangelist Osei Kwame said.

Evangelist Osei Kwame added, “I see danger ahead, and the sooner the government takes #FixTheCountry campaigners seriously and addresses their concerns, the better because the youth of this country are very angry.”

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