Some residents in the Bimbilla municipality laments as Susu-collector makes away with their money

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The residents of Lanjah and the Communities around the area are in tears as a man run away with their Susu money at Lanjah in the Bimbilla municipal of the Northern region.

The Lanjah Community And it surrounding communities are been scammed by a Susu collector after they have deposited huge amount of money.

The Susu union which is called JK SMART VENTURES which is believed to have originated from Dambai in the Oti Region was operated by one man with his employees with their office at Lanjah in the Bimbilla municipality.

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They collects the money and deposit for two months and the owner will come and take it with huge amount of interest.

If one invest Gh€100.00, he or she will receive Gh€500.00 at the end of two months and if a person invest an amount of Gh€500.00, he/she will receive Gh€2500.00.

Infact, the residents were really getting money from their investment and most of them have benefited a lot by using the money to set up stores and buy motorbikes.

But things have turned opposite as the Susu collector run away for one month now. He has closed his office layed off his employees and has never returned.

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The customers have tried every means of reaching him but their efforts are in vain.

Some people have invested more than Gh€1000.00 and have not been paid back but nobody knows the where about of the Susu collector.

This happened at Lanjah Community in the Bimbilla municipal of the Northern region.

Below is the receipt of one of the customers from the JK SMART VENTURES.

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