Ruby’s rush k*sses the floor as she pens down “it is over between us”

Ruby’s rush k*sses the floor as she pens down “it is over between us”
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Many of the couples who came on stage for TV3’s #Date-Rush just came to make diverse and curious disclosures, proving that indeed “Information and People dey wiase inside.”

The interaction between Ruby and Rudolf Dzato was one of the most tense among the couples. They joyfully danced their way up the floor, even going so far as to be considered “naughty.”

When Giovani questioned about Ruby’s relationship, she replied that although she likes him, she isn’t entirely satisfied with the relationship though.

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She revealed that, unlike other ladies who trouble their male partners with financial issues and rush to make  decisions, she has been a relatively good girl and has not bothered Dzato with money issues and not to even rush in taking decisions for both of them.

She also went so far as to say that she’s been quite “nice” to him, and has allowed him to consume her goodies “inside-out” because he enjoys it to the fullest.

After all of that, Ruby has announced that she has come to the realization that she really doesn’t want to pursue the relationship because she thinks he is cheating on her.

She describes that one day she attempted to visit Dzato and have fun as they normally do, but Dzato did not pick up her calls for some odd reason.

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She goes on to say that she took an Uber from East Legon to McCarty Hills and was eventually dumped.

Ruby used her Twitter page after the show to publicly announce her split from Powder Boy.

Ruby made headlines recently after sharing the sad tale of how her relationship with her ex, Powder Man, ended.

After experiencing heartbreak, she tweets a motivational message to her fellow women. 

Ruby says that s3x does not hold men because she would not be this heartbroken if it did.

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Ruby went on to say that she had tried all of her boyfriend’s favorite and romantic s3x types in bed and he was still unsatisfied, so he decided to leave her.

here !! After all the sex I romantically gave you…. and your favorite style…. Advice to my ladies sex doesn’t keep a man”, Ruby wrote on her Twitter page.


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