Pastor in police custody for sleeping with married woman

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Recently, Kasoa has been trending in all the news that comes out everyday. If it is not about a robbery case, it could be murder, accident, land guard issues, and more.

According to Kasoa divisional Police command, they are doing their best to capture all the criminals in the area, and also put good security measures to protect life and property.

In today’ s news, reported by Angel FM another pastor is in trouble for going for a married woman in Kasoa. According to the report the woman went to the pastor seeking a child. Many people has lost their marriages because of childlessness. Many people cry everyday because of childlessness. This issue of childlessness sometimes makes you so desperate that you might end up doing something really bad.

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It brings so much hatred from family members and so much ridicules from friends and other colleagues. If you don’ t take care you would end up in even a very worse situation like pastors collecting all your monies and other stuffs. The married woman whose name is not mentioned revealed she has been married for ten years without a child.

The pastor was introduced to her by a friend and she went there for help. Through prayers, the pastor stated she can only have a child unless he has s3xual intercourse with her. She also accepted. They were doing it while someone barged into the office and caught them.


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