Pastor curses members for refusing to contribute money for her birthday celebration

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A female pastor cursed her congregation for failing to contribute money to her birthday celebration.

The pastor referred to her followers as devils and warned them that God would punish them.

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The lady pastor stated that the members bothered her with their prayer requests but failed to honor her on her birthday because of their selfishness.

These, she claims, are some of the reasons why some men of God are bitter.


“Even on my birthday some of you refused to contribute, may God punish you because you are wicked. Unless you don’t have. Some of you come to my office to disturb me with prayers but you don’t want to give money to celebrate pastor’s birthday. I will say it.

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If you’re angry, make a change. Because if it were you, and they came to me, I’d give freely because you’re a member, and I’d look after you, but you’re selfish when it comes to your pastors. You are only concerned with yourself.

Why are you sitting here if you can’t contribute to your pastor’s celebration or whatever it is? You’re the devil. “This is why pastors are bitter,” the pastor explained.

View the video below;

The pastor expressed her displeasure with her congregation’s refusal to contribute money to her birthday celebration in an angry tone.

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