NAM1 replies Bridget Otoo after she questioned why he was walking around a free man

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Nana Appiah Mensah, aka NAM1, the embattled CEO of the former gold buying and selling firm Menzgold, has responded to Ghanaian broadcaster Bridget Otoo, who questioned why he was walking free when Akuapem Poloo was convicted for sharing a n * de photo with his son online.

Bridget Otoo cited the case of NAM1 as evidence to indicate that once a person has no links, he or she suffers in Ghana, in a tweet at the time Twitter was busy calling for the release of the social media sensation.

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She also said that it makes no sense for NAM1, who has allegedly been identified as a scammer by the state, to be walking around as a free man while Poloo was behind bars.

Her remarks elicited a response from Zylofon Media’s CEO.

This morning, Nana Appiah Mensah took to Twitter to inform Bridget Otoo and others who are calling for his arrest to avoid misleading the public because he has been acquitted and discharged.

He went on to say that the ruling was later upheld by the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court in Dubai.

He also said that in Ghana, he pleaded not guilty to all of the charges brought against him, as opposed to Poloo, who pleaded guilty.

“Stop Misleading the public. Even on a foreign land I was acquitted and discharged, a decision that was affirmed by the Appeals Court and the Supreme Court. FYI: my granny wasn’t the presiding judge. Back home, I pleaded NOT GUILTY and I’m having my day in Court,” he wrote.

See his tweet below

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