Customers of MTN MoMo must show ID cards for transactions

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MTN MoMo has announced that, beginning April 2, 2021, all MoMo customers will be expected to present valid ID cards before any MoMo cash-out (withdrawal) transaction can be processed.


As a consequence of this directive, before the transaction can be completed, all MoMo agents will be required to select the ID form and enter the ID card number provided by the customer.

MoMo transfers cannot be performed without a valid ID card. Customers shall present one of the following ID cards: a Ghana Card, a driving license, a passport, a voter’s ID, or an NHIS card.
In response, Eli Hini, General Manager of Mobile Money Limited, said, “The implementation of this directive, aside from being a regulatory necessity, will also complement efforts being made by MTN MoMo to reduce MTN Momo fraud in the country”

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Mobile Money Limited remains committed to combating MoMo fraud and will continue to introduce steps to make the service more safe.

The need for an ID card for MoMo transactions is not a new one. It has always been a part of the service offering and is strictly implemented at all MTN branch offices and service centers throughout the country.

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