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Dr. Mensah Otabil is a world-class leader of international acclaim. He is the senior pastor of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) and directly pastors the Christ Temple, the church’s international and national headquarters local church.

Largely, its branch churches are officially known as temples and are under the leadership of divisional head pastors who ultimately reports to Dr. Mensa Otabil , who is the Chairman of the Church’s Governing Council, and directly assisted by some few top pastors in the church, that were largely the foundation pastors and have stayed with him and the vision he carries for the past thirty seven (37) years, one of such is Rev. Anthony Cudjoe who owns Media General, operators of the renowned TV3 Ghana and some other radio stations in Accra, Kumasi and Tarkoradi, according to the renowned Media Foundation for West Africa report on Media Ownership in Ghana, found online.

Well, one of such branches/temples is doing extremely well and i thought, you will love to see it too. It is just a decade old and pastored by one of the most trusted spiritual sons of Dr. Mensah Otabil called Rev. Eric Xexemeku, He is actually a prophet, but barely use that title as often. He is a renowned man of God as well and he is very close to Dr. Mensah Otabil.

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Recently when Dr. Otabil reactivated like never before, his media engagements where he teaches the word of God with simplicity, yet depths and principles for extraordinary success, he is hosted by three (3) top pastors in one of such programs and this includes Pastor Albert Ocran and Rev. Xexemeku.

Rev. Eric is a blessed man, as he personally walks in strange wealth, as aside pastoring, he is noted to have a line of businesses that operates profitably and is well known among ICGC members too as a top financier of the church. He is also the go-to-prophet for many business leaders and government officials, as he counsels such influential people in Ghana largely.

Well, the church he pastors is the ICGC Open Heavens Temple based at the rich East Legon township and its just one of the over five (5) branches of the church just in this privileged township and they have officially completed just the phase one of their mega project and already, the pictures online shows that, that alone, may even well be the best and most beautiful branch the entire church boasts of. This may be understandable, as its Christ Temple for instance, is close to two decades old and this new building may have employed designs, that were unavailable when their headquarters church was been completed many years ago.

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The ICGC Open Heavens Temple reaches out largely to the upper class families and business people who reside in the city and those nearby as well. Large sections of its members are business owners, whiles it also boasts of young professionals, young couples and a section of undergraduate and post graduate students who school in the institutions of higher learning around Legon.

Its bio on its Facebook page, describes it as “a Christ centered Bible believing, Holy Spirit filled church. A new and Prophetic power packed assembly aimed at the SALVATION of lost and wavering souls, delivering them from the bondage of the destroyer(Satan), helping the youth take control of their future in Christ and worship God in truth and aimed at building a God fearing nation.”

Dr. Mensah Otabil has provided leadership to this church throughout this process and has visited severally both to minister there and to inspect the mega project before it started and after completion. Recently, he ministered at their 10th anniversary and also cut the sod to officially launch the completion of its first phase, making way for the next phase of development.

The church has already started with the second phase, that will see extra mega structures constructed on top, to make it a storey building with several worship auditoriums and facilities all, to advance its mission and purpose, as a state of the art center, reaching out to the local and international community, based in the rich neighborhoods of East Legon and its environs.

The church has also employed the best interior decor that good money can afford and with an accompanying expensive lighting, and other provided accessories, the auditorium is indeed a blessed and beautiful one. Come to think of it, its the “Open Heavens” branch and one can easily say that, the church is leaving u to its name, as the heavens has indeed opened up its unending wealth to the church and giving them the grace to be able to purchase and own these expensive building and accessories, that is inspiring to any church and organisation, that has big plans as well.

Also beyond the wealth he and the church possesses, the he is a man on a chosen path of true excellence. It isn’t every rich person who has a taste for excellence, but this man and his church does. You can see from everything in the church and its services that, they put premium effort to ensure that, whatever is done is beautiful and meets a purpose they set out to achieve and this is one of the major cardinal points that Dr. Mensah Otabil has consistently taught over the years and the entire ICGC tries to adheres to always.

Enough of the long talk, enjoy, as you watch the beautiful excellent pictures below:

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