Mallams and spiritualist association spokesperson hints on their works

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A self-acclaimed Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Spiritualists and Mallams Association of Ghana has claimed on live radio that top journalists chase him for spiritual help.

Nana Welewa, who said he is a boss in the spiritual realm, received a call on-air, only to disclose later to the show host that it came from a client seeking an update on the ‘for girls’ move he was working on.

In spite of the fact that he and his cohorts have the powers to spiritually hypnotize women to follow men they may be undesirous of, most members of his association are single.

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He, however attributed their ‘single’ status to the fact that ladies fear to be with them.

When asked about why he could not use his ‘for girls’ on ladies who turned him down, he said their powers do not work for them since they are the source.

“Of course not, don’t we have feelings,” he remarked after he was asked, he suggested that he stays celibate and devote his time to his deity.

“We do for girls but we cannot do some for ourselves because it won’t work. Every man loves a woman, including us but because of the spiritual calling, we are shunned by girls.

“Just imagine that for six years, I have been single. Am I not handsome? I recently asked a girl out, showered her with gifts and money yet she left me”.


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