KSM writes to God to inquire about idiots becoming Prophets in Ghana

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Satirist Kweku Sintim-Misa, also known as KSM in showbiz circles, has written a letter to God requesting answers on the people he chooses to be prophets in these times.

Ghana has witnessed several false prophecies from people claiming to be God’s ear.

These people foretold of death, atrocities, and other events in the country, some of which never happened.

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KSM wondered if God had lowered his standards in just accepting people into his fold to become Prophets in a letter shared on his Twitter page because the field now includes a number of people he describes as idiots.

His letter read “Dear God, Is it true that you have lowered the standards for those applying to be Prophets? Nowadays, any brainless jerk claims to be a prophet anointed by God. It its true you have lowered the standards to accommodate “idiots “, kindly raise the bar. Regards KSM”.

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