Joyce Dzidzor reveals that she deceived Ghanaians about her HIV status

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Joyce Dzidzor Mensah, a former HIV/AIDS Ambassador, has described Ghanaians as gullible people who do not pay attention to details.

Joyce, who recently tested positive for the virus, told Kofi Adomah on Anopa Bofo how she previously misled Ghanaians about her status with a fake HIV/AIDS test result.

Joyce Dzidzor

“I posted a result a while ago proving I had tested negative for HIV/AIDS, but that was not an HIV/AIDS test result, but rather a viral load result, which determines the quantity of the virus a patient has in her blood, but nobody noticed because Ghanaians don’t pay attention to details,” she explained.

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“This is how come they feel I am playing with their minds but it is far from that,” she stated.

Joyce Dzidzor Mensah took an HIV test on live television to dispel Ghanaians’ fears about her illness.

Joyce addressed the media, apologizing to anyone she had offended during her tenure as AIDS Ambassador and pledging to regain Ghanaians’ trust.

When the results were revealed, Joyce Dzidzor tested positive for HIV/AIDS, while her two children tested negative.

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