I believe good music sells than profanity – Kay Smooth

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Kay Smooth has expressed her dissatisfaction with the notion that profanity and nudity promote a song. He believes that timeless music better represents and sells an artist.

Kay Smooth, an afro-pop and highlife artist, told MzGee that he would rather ride on a good song than the allure of sexual content.
On TV3’s New Day Morning, he stated that artists make profane songs to gain attention in the Ghanaian music industry.

Kay Smooth

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Kay stated that because of his musical audience, he must create songs that are free of sex, nudity, and profane language. He does, however, believe that artists can use sarcasm to communicate sexual languages with a clear message.

“I do music for almost everyone,” he explained. And I don’t include filthy lines in my writing. I’m referring to profanity. So, as an example, consider the following. If you want to say something sexual, find a more appropriate way to do so. In my new song, ‘Sima Jorley,’ I say, ‘na who dey own this your property, make I legally sign my name on it.’ Na true baby, don’t worry oo baby’. That is the property I am attempting to demonstrate. You must find a better way to deal with it.”

Musicians such as himself and his musical mentors Snoopy, Mike Gyamfi, and Kojo Bekwai, he claims, have always written melodious and timeless songs. And believes that good music promotes itself more than depicting nudity and sexual scenes.

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“Where I started from and the kind of music mentors I had like the Snoopy, Mike Gyamfi, and the late Kojo Akwai,” he explained. I’ve come to realize that good music is all you need. All you have to do is work hard, get your music out there, and wait for it to blow up!”

Kay Smooth has been active in the Ghanaian music scene for a number of years. He has collaborated with top musicians such as Shatta Wale and Kofi Kinaata, among others. His songs ‘Thy Word’ and ‘Heavy Equipment’ have received a lot of radio play. And his new single, ‘Sima Jorley,’ has piqued the interest of afro-pop fans.

He encouraged all music fans to follow him on all of his social media handles @ Kay Smooth in order to help him get his songs into the global market.

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