Ghana’s development is in people’s ‘pot bellies’, fat bank accounts

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Actress and movie producer Yvonne Nelson says she’s sad country’s development is in some people’s fat accounts and stomachs while the masses continue to suffer.

To her, it’s exciting that the youth of Ghana are demanding what is due them which has been denied for several years resulting in recent occurrences

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Making this known in a tweet sighted by iDO GH News Team, she said “Our POLITICIANS have taken us 4 granted 4 far too long! I’m happy the youth now GET it! We will mount the PRESSURE until they do right! We aint STOPPING any time soon. Our DEVELOPMENT is either in their STOMACHS or FAT ACCOUNTS”.


The youth in Ghana are demanding from the government that the country is fixed in order for the systems to work and make life better for the citizens.

Although the demonstration planned was stopped after the police secured a restraining order, the demonstration took place virtually as demands were made of the current government.

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This necessitated a press conference by the Finance Minister who gave an assurance of fixing the economy of Ghana.

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