Church Members Demand Refund Of Offerings and Tithes After Pastor Bought A New Range Rover (Video)

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A pastor was in for the surprise of his life after he had alighted from a newly acquired car as shown in a clip In the trending video, the irate church members engaged in a brawl with the pastor with some holding him by the shirt Mixed reactions have trailed the video wherein the members demand that their tithes be refunded.

The man of God’s new car acquisition seemed not to sit well with his church members. This displeasure was registered by the members in a video making the rounds. The angry church faithfuls, in an Instagram video by @kingtundeednut, waylay their pastor and grab him by the shirt as soon as he alighted from his white Range Rover car.

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In a video going viral on social media, Church members were seen demanding refund of their offering and tithes after a ghanaian pastor, Kelvin Kwesi Kobiri, the founder and leader of the Zoe Outreach Embassy purchased  a range rover.


A heated exchange ensued as many hands hold the unidentified cleric’s shirt firmly to his bewilderment. It was stated that they demanded a refund of their tithes.

Social media users express diverse views over the event.

While some Nigerians found the members agitation unnecessary, others effed them on. @yetundebakare wrote:

“It’s about time but dem no fit get the money back because tithe and offering is for God.. idi ti je.”

@jnrpope stated: “Pastors are not left out….When Hunger Strikes , The people will come for what is theirs.”

@vjoofficial commented: “Make una collect una money, money wey una give God he don go carry am buy motor.”

@domingo_loso said: “That’s assault, shey dem point gun for una head to pay tithe. Una mumu never too much?”

@usherjeekk thought: “Some people think #50 that they pay as a offering can buy their pastor a private jet.

Most of this pastors writes books and own other business.” According to Abena, many of the pastors quoted the story of Abraham having an affair with Hagah whilst he was still married to Sarah, as a defense for their actions.

She explained that although she is married, the pastors do not care about that as all they want from her is to say yes to their proposals. The famous relationship advisor also indicated that a large number of churches in Ghana have women who find no trouble getting in bed with their pastors as this belief runs through many of them.

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