Don’t end at burning excavators, Prosecute people involved in Galamsey – Dr Frank Amoakohene to Gov’t

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Medical doctor and politician, Dr. Frank Amoakohene has called on the government to prosecute all manner of persons involved in illegal mining activities in Ghana.

Speaking on recent happenings in the country, the former NUGS president called on the government not to end the fight against Galamsey at the burning of excavators.


He vehemently disagreed with the president’s call for persons who disagrees with him on the burning of excavators to go to court and entreated the president to rather drag the people involved to court through his Attorney General.

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“My president we disagree with your remarks that those who are not pleased with the burning of excavators should go to court. Unfortunately we cannot drag you to court but can only ask you to rather prosecute all the people involved through your Attorney General. We know there are big wigs within your party who are involved in Galamsey but you should prosecute them without any favor”.

This call comes at the time where the government is preparing for the fourth phase of its fight against Galamsey. Dr Amoakohene however believes that the fight will be meaningless without any prosecutions since the people involved can always procure new equipment to perpetuate the act .

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