Regional Chief Imams raise issues against conduct of Bishops, Christian Council

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The Conference of Regional Chief Imams of Ghana, which includes all sixteen Regional Chief Imams, considers the Christian Council of Ghana and the Catholic Bishops Conference’s involvement in the problem of not accepting Muslim students at Wesley Girls Senior High School to fast troubling and alarming.

According to the Conference, their actions are muddying the waters and exacerbating the situation, particularly after Sheick Dr Osman Hunu Sharubutu, has called for peace and has urged mediation and consensus building to overcome the impasse.

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Chief Imams

The Christian Council of Ghana and the Catholic Bishops Conference, instead of backing the call by the National Imam to use dialogue and consensus building to peacefully resolve the impasse decided to issue a communique in support of Wesley Girls Senior High School and the Methodist Church not to allow Muslim students to fast when the Ghana Education Service directed that the students should be allowed to fast.

This position taken by the Christian Council and the Catholic Bishops Conference according the Imams, does not only seek to embolden the position of the Wesley Girls Senior High School and the Methodist Church but also undermines the authority of the Ghana Education Service

Speaking to the media during the celebration of this year’s Eid, the Executive Secretary of the office of the Ashanti Regional Chief Imam, Imam Ustaz Ahmed Seidu, said the action of the Christian Council and the Catholic Bishops Conference is in bad faith as far as the good Christian Muslim relatio as is concerned that has existed over the years.


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The Conference of the Regional Chief Imams also describes it as unfair for the General Secretary ofbthe Christian Council, Rev . Dr . Cyril Fayose to call on the spokesperson of the National Imam , Imam Sheick Aremeyaw Shiabu to withdraw and apologize the said comment when they could not call on the Vice Chairman of the Scripture Union,

Dr Samuel Ofori Onwona to withdraw the unpleasant divisive statement against Muslims.

According to Imam Seidu, that apart it is being argued in some cycles that Muslims should go to Islamic schools and leave Christian schools for Christians that will be affront in building integrated society for development.

” It will create a problem of segregation which will undermine peaceful coexistence ”, he said.


He called on the Muslims to adhere to the call by his Eminence the National Imam to be calmed and proof to the world that Islam is indeed a peaceful and tolerant religion and never should Muslims to anything untoward to disturb the peace of this country irrespective of the circumstances they find themselves.

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