C/R: Two Young Boys Murders 10-Year Boy In Kasoa For Money Rituals

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Kasoa has been the talk of the Year ever since 2021 has stepped in, Crime upon crime has taken over the people day in and out even including that of Funny Face (Illegal gunshot incidence).

On the 3rd of April 2021, the inhabitants of Kasoa recieved another news of a shocking incidence where two young boys one in his 18s and another in his 19s murdered a 10 year old boy for money rituals.

According to reports, One of the boys were asked by a Nigerian Juju man to bring parts of a human being in order for him to enrich him and as such, he lured his friend into the act of bringing the deceased.

In addition, the mother of the deceased says the two boys are not strangers to their home as they even eat from their home sometimes and she don’t even suspect they can hurt a fly until she slept and woke up to the news from her daughter.

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The victims are in police custody yet Youth and residents of the area threatens that justice must be served else they will step in to make sure that these two are not gone for free.

Source: idogh.com

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