Another teenager’s finger stuck in a spiritual ring

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Another case of ring theft has hit Pantang as a teenager is almost losing his index finger in a suspected spiritual attack.

The said young man who is known as Seth Omari Boateng said to media that a ring he stole about a week ago is proving deadly, giving him sleepless nights.

Narrating the beginning of the ordeal, Seth recounted how he visited a jewelry stand to buy a chain he had been sent for, but upon sighting the silver ring, he stole it.

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Seth confessed he did not have money to purchase the ring, hence he stole and hid it inside a cloth, at the blind side of the seller.

He attributed the theft to greed, adding that for over a week now, the ring has been unable to come off as it keeps eating into his flesh.

A Beninois spiritualist who was contacted for help is said to have declared the ring as one made for spiritual purposes.

Having heard of a similar case at Kasoa a few weeks ago, Assembly Member of the area, Mr Obedeka is pleading for help to save his subject from losing his life or even the worst.


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