5 shocking reasons why any bachelor should consider marrying a nurse

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It’s incredibly romantic to have a nurse as a soul mate, but society provides a variety of perspectives on having nurses as friends, which appear to affect the decision. Others see it as annoying, distressing, and dull, while others see it as a lollapalooza.

In this post, we will discuss five compelling reasons why you should select a nurse as your soul mate.


1. Nurses are excellent listeners

Nurses are bombarded with cases from patients on a daily basis. They must develop strong listening skills in order to consistently digest and ascertain problems in order to find answers to patients’ problems. Intuitively, nurses make good wives because they listen carefully to their husbands and collaborate to find solutions. At times she could persuade you to reveal some deep rooted problems for both to find solutions together.

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2. They are excellent team members

Nurses don’t normally work alone at the hospital. Invariably they work in pairs and teams in the facilitation of health care to patients. The constant teamwork imbibe them with the cooperative attitude which is a rudiment for good marriage as well. The teamwork attitude means she can be a befitting partner to work hand in hand to ensure a successful marriage.

3. Nurses are really neat

Undoubtedly that’s one of the palpable attribute about nurses people admire. Their well groomed hair, nice outfit and neat footwears render them appealing invariably. Neatness is a virtue nurses are trained to exhibit within and outside the workplace. Therefore getting married to a nurse means, she could help maintain hygienic ambience at home and keep kids neat at all times.

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4. Nurses give helping hand financially

If you are married to a nurse you can somewhat be guaranteed of not getting overburdened financially since she could assist in times of need. Couple can jointly start little projects without necessarily requiring to save huge amounts. Moreover, couple can jointly give their kids a decent upbringing without struggles.

5. Lifetime medical advice

You get free medical advise anytime, anywhere when you get married to a nurse. A service a lot of people would be paying some hefty sums to get would be readily available to you. She could help you prioritise your health by adopting healthy lifestyle to make you live longer.

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