Important: 5 Deadly things a Woman must avoid doing when having her menses

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As a woman, taking good care of yourself during your menstrual period is one thing you should be very careful with. It helps you prevent some infectious diseases before and after this period.

In today’s article, I will be taking readers through certain things men shouldn’t allow their women to do during their menstrual periods. 

Before the main topic for discussion, you need to get your woman abreast with how poor hygiene can negatively affect her and how it can increase the possibility of her developing dangerous infections. 

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Now to the main topic for discussion, Below are five dangerous things you should not do when you are having your menses.

1. Having Sexual Intercourse.

The desire to make out can come from both partners, but avoiding sexual intercourse during menstruation is the appropriate way of living a healthy lifestyle during this period.

If you allow your partner to have sex during your menstrual period, it can cause the woman to develop some serious infections.

This is because the menstrual blood can get obstructed, and easily come in contact with germs and bacteria that breeds in the outer part of the sexual organs of both partners. 

When this happens, the woman may be at risk of developing a serious infection or veejay disease. 

As a man, even if you are testing positive for any disease, she can still develop an infection if the blood is contaminated with germs and bacteria.

2. Eating sugary foods.

As a man, never allow your woman to eat food that contains too much sugar. Eating too much sugary food will increase menstrual pain, and she won’t feel okay at all. 

This is because the female body response to changes when they have PMS (premenstrual syndrome). 

It happens because estrogen and progesterone respond erratically to insulin levels. This is one reason ladies crave sweets when having their menses.

A woman will experience painful cramps if she consumes too much sugary food when she is having her menses. Eating sugary foods will cause your blood sugar levels to rise and the higher your blood sugar goes, the more severe your PMS may be. 

It’s essential to keep your blood sugar at a steady level. Due to this we recommend natural sugars in moderation.

3. Taking Pain Relieving Drugs.

Taking painkillers may reduce the pain at that moment, but the effect is too much for a lady.

Increased consumption of painkillers increases a woman’s risk of contracting diseases like breast cancer and vagina cancer.

Women are advised to avoid taking painkillers because it has a dangerous effect on their body.


4. Using medicated soap or a rough sponge to wash off during this period.

Doing this can lead to serious irritation and can damage some cells found in the vag!na. 

Never allow your lady to use harsh soap and sponge on her vag!na during and after her menstruation period. 

It should be noted that only soap and clean water is preferred and only this will help reduce irritation and prevent cell damage.

5. Wearing tight underwear. Women should avoid wearing too tight underwear that prevents air from penetrating the menstrual area. If your woman usually wears fitting underwear, try your best to stop her from doing that and educate her on the effects of doing this.

Preventing air from penetrating the menstrual area can cause a woman to develop an infection because lack of air helps bacteria and germs to easily find their way in the vaginal area.

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